Feasibility study thanks to the know-how of our technical dept. and a complete design and simulation software:

  • CAD: Design of blanks and cutting tools (PTC-CREO Parametric).
  • CAM: Digital programs for tooling (Pro-Engineer and ESPRIT).
  • CAE: Forging simulation (QFORM).

Tooling Workshop

The production of dies & tooling, as well as their maintenance, are carried out in-house; we have the following production resources at our disposal

  • CNC milling machine.
  • High-speed machining centres.
  • Conventional and CNC lathes.
  • EDM machines.

We have space in our facilities for the storage of our clients’ toolings.


We have four production lines, which allows us to offer a wide range of products:

  • 13 MN press, for parts from 0.1 Kg to 5 Kg. Force 13MN. Minimum batch of 100 parts.
  • 25 MN press, for parts from 4 Kg to 10 Kg. Force 25MN. Minimum batch of 200 parts.
  • 5 Tn hammer, for parts from 5 Kg to 20 Kg. Force 5Tn. Minimum batch of 50 parts.
  • 10 Tn hammer, for parts from 15 Kg to 70 Kg. Force 10Tn. Minimum batch of 25 parts.

Production lines

In addition, we have several machines for auxiliary operations: presses for deburring, punching and straightening, disc saws, shot blasting, etc.

We have an induction oven for each production line, which guarantee controlled and uniform heating of the billets.


FORVASA offers the possibility to provide additional services, including.

  • Heat treatment.
  • Machining.
  • Painting or cataphoresis.


Prior to delivery, the product is checked according to the needs/requirements of our customer:

  • Visual inspection.
  • Non-destructive tests.
  • Mechanical tests.
  • Fiber and structure tests.
  • Metallographic control.

Once these checks have been carried out, all deliveries are made in specific packaging according to each customer’s logistic requirements.

Once the product has been delivered, our TAS stays in touch with customers to improve the process for future orders.