At FORVASA, the General Management is aware that within the hot stamping forging sector, the essential factor for its operation is Customer satisfaction, and assumes the responsibility of meeting their needs and expectations.

For all these reasons, Forvasa is committed to:

  • Promote a Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness of your Quality Management System.
  • Establish a positive attitude among all staff, in order to count on their full participation.
  • Approve some Objectives within the organization, which allow the appropriate frame of reference to establish and review their compliance.
  • Provide the Organization with an adequate provision of the necessary Resources, Human and Infrastructure, that allow compliance with both the requirements established by Interested Parties.
  • Establish a Control of the Organization’s Processes, which allow minimizing the obtaining of Non-Conforming Products and Out-of-Control Processes.








Bedia, October 28, 2020