We provided hot stamping forging solutions in small and medium-sized batches for a wide range of industries.

We differentiate ourselves by our service, where we stand out for our honesty in relationships, proactivity in communication and transparency in information provided during the manufacturing process.

“Forging our experience”

FORVASA was established in 1972 and we work every day to offer high quality forged components.

Since then, we have built up a team of over 40 specialised and competent people who are able to answer proactively to market needs.

With more than 40 years of experience and professionals focused on the development of the company, we have acquired a solid portfolio of clients who trust our hot forging solutions and a differentiated customer service.

FORVASA: Forjas Unidas Vascas, S.A.

Our facilities

We have:

  • A forging workshop.
  • A tooling workshop.
  • A laboratory and a warehouse.
  • Offices building.


We export 45% of our production. We are close to 85% in exports considering only the machined part destination.

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Our Proposal

FORVASA processes alloy steels, carbons and stainless steel in small and medium-sized batches in parts weighing from 0.1 to 70 kg.

Our clients highlight:

  • Our proactivity.
  • The quality of our forgings.
  • Our range of products.
  • Software and Know-how of our Technical Dept.
  • The in-house production of dies & tooling.
  • Our batch size flexibility.


“Quality focused”

The continuous and rigorous monitoring of quality standards allows us to guarantee a quality product, from the beginning (purchase of raw materials) to the final step (delivery), maintaining an excellent traceability in all the processes.

The fact that we work with top level clients makes it necessary for us to comply with their own quality requirements, well above the common standards.